Aspol Química Internacional is a chemical multinational company specialized in manufacturing, procuring and implementing organic and vegetable products for the treatment of waste water, process water, drinking water, sludge and odors, both industrially and at an urban level. We are exclusively devoted to the water industry, so as to be able to provide ecological solutions of premium quality that allow our clients to comply with the legal requirements, respect the environment and minimize treatment costs.

We promote a green chemistry, because we are of those people who believe that We can’t treat our waters with agents that have a higher toxicity than the contaminants you intend to remove. We have even managed to lower the chemical cost per cubic meter, comparing with traditional inorganic reagents

We participate in the global market from our headquarters in Europe (Spain) and Latin America (Colombia), and are pioneers in some of our markets thanks to the introduction of plant-based natural coagulants and other natural and organic products for use in the treatment of water, sludge and odors.

We are committed to offering a Close and permanent service to our clients, focused on constant treatment optimization and cost minimization, based on the most advanced water chemistry trends.


In Aspol Química we are not limited to the sale of chemical products; We propose solutions to the problems of our clients and respond to their concerns.

When it comes to water treatment, the solution isn’t always a good product, but factors such as where in the treatment plant the dosage is applied, in which amount, its contact time with the water to be treated, or simply how those products are prepared for their subsequent application, and with how much dilution water.

We frequently find cases of overdosing, use of inadequate products, incorrect pH, hardness and temperature adjustments that jeopardize the optimum product yield, etc. – this is when our agents suggest any changes necessary to carry out an efficient, sustainable chemical treatment.

Constant contact with our clients to know about their concerns, permanent monitoring of our products’ performance and a continuous offering of chemical innovations are a cornerstone of our added value.